Singin In the Rain


This year’s Spring Musical is Singin in The Rain and it is just around the corner. This is for sure going to be a great one. Singing in the rain takes place in the 1950’s and is a very old fashion and cute musical about Hollywood movie stars.  Everyone is very excited to participate and watch the musical. The musical is on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The first and second show is at seven o’clock and the last show is at two o’clock.  I decided to ask a cast member from the musical and someone who will be attending the musical a few questions.


FF: How do you think the show is going so far?

Chloe Gilb: I think it is going great! We are making good progress.

FF: What is your favorite part of this musical?

Chloe Gilb: Dancing with my friends.

FF: What day do you recommend for people to attend the show?

Chloe Gilb: All of them!


FF: What are you most excited to see about the musical?

Ashlynn Hurley: I’m excited to see everyone dance and sing

FF: What days are you going to the show?

Ashlynn Hurley: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

FF: Have you ever seen the movie?

Ashlynn Hurley: No

FF: Will you be participating in drama at all next year?

Ashlynn Hurley: Possibly but I would like to


Both of those students to see the upcoming performance and I hope you guys are too because I know I am. Ashlynn Hurley is not in the musical but Chloe Gilb is and plays the roles of a make em laugh dancer, Broadway dancer, and a chorus girl.  I hope you guys all get a chance to see the show. The tickets are five dollars each which is a great price for a fantastic performance.