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Bored?! I’ve got you covered!!

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Are you worried about just staying home and chilling on the couch eating pizza and food all summer long?  Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this article I will tell you some fun exciting activities for all different likes and tastes! So get excited for this summer adventure!

June Gloom Days:

*go to the movies!

*look at some fun crafts or treats you could make on the! Just check out our Cooking Feature and Crafty Corner.

*go to a fun hotel for a day!

*take a hat , write left or right on little pieces of paper, go on drive, and each time you want to turn pick out of the hat and see where it takes you!

*make slime!

*do your summer homework… JUST GET IT DONE!

*visit the pop culture section on and listen to the summer songs playlist!

Suppa duppa Hot days:

*go for a dip in the pool!

*go to a water park!

*turn on the sprinklers!

*make a lemonade stand!

*go to a fun ice-cream store!

For those days when you just wanna munch on some good food:

*Visit and read some restaurant reviews, write down the restaurants that interest you, and visit them when your tummy is grumbling!

*Make some treats from the cooking section on!

For those traveling around the globe:

*go to san francisco!

*visit golden gate bridge

*visit ghirardelli square

*the full house, house

*china town

*go to catalina Island

*go camping to:



*joshua tree national park

*sequoia and kings canyon national park

*the beach

*visit as many of the states as you can and go on adventures

*visit the statue of liberty

*go to the three great lakes

*go visit Mrs. Scanlon in Georgia

*visit Utah’s national parks

*visit the Niagara Falls

*visit the Grand Canyon

Around the world :

*visit a caribbean island

*go to 1 country in each continent

*if you’re casually in one of these countries do these activities:


*visit a volcano

*hop islands

*go on a hike


*visit the Parthenon

*visit the Acropolis

*the red beach

*try Greek food


*go on a African safari

*visit a typical African town

Costa Rica:
*go hiking

*go rafting

*go ziplining

*go surfing

Bora Bora:

*Relax… what else ?!

For those who love adventure:

*Go to all of the locations where Lalaland was filmed!

*hike to the Hollywood sign

*attend a fun Summer camp

*visit skyspace LA

*go to the museum of ice cream

*visit Melrose Ave.

*go thrift shopping

*start a youtube channel


Well I hope you guys got some cool ideas! I sure know that I’m going to try to do the most of the activities I can. And I hope you guys enjoyed and if you go to any of these places don’t forget to comment below!

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  1. Mrs. Ramirez on June 15th, 2017 8:27 am

    Great ideas, Daniela!


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