New TK Program


The knew program at St. Philip called Transitional Kindergarten, also known as TK, has now started. Mrs. Almquist and Mrs. Rittichier are the TK teachers. Last Thursday I went over to the old ministry center where the TK classrooms are located, and asked a TK student a few questions about their experience in the new TK program. I Interviewed Ocean. The first question I asked Ocean was how she felt on the first day of school. Ocean said that she was very happy and exited starting school because she wanted to make new friends. The other question I asked Ocean was is if  was she was excited for the future as a TK student. Ocean responded by saying that she was excited for the future as a TK student because she loves school. Ocean also said that she loves to learn and to play with her friends. The knew TK students will now be the youngest falcons roaming at St. Philip.