First Communion Mass

Throughout the year, the second graders have been preparing for their First Communion. The first communion event is an exciting chapter in your Catholic faith because you are receiving the body and blood of Christ for the first time. Communion is one of the Sacraments that you receive throughout your Catholic journey and once you receive it for the first time you receive it for the rest of your life. Throughout the month, our second graders have received their First Holy Communion over the weekends and have been brought up during assembly to state their thoughts on the event. At the school wide mass on May 24th, we celebrated the achievement of First Communion that our second graders received. Throughout the mass there were different readings and petitions spoken by the second graders as they ran the mass themselves. I interviewed some of the second graders and here is what they said….


Responses by Sean Scanlin and Sophia Rodriguez-Perez


What was your favorite part of receiving your First Communion?

Sean: My favorite part was receiving the body and blood of Christ.

Sophia: My favorite part was getting to dress up and wear a pretty dress.

What did you learn about when you were preparing for this special event?

Sean and Sophia: We learned that Jesus died on the cross for us and sacrificed his life to make our lives better.

Were you excited to receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time?

Sean: Yes, because of the thought that we were going to be able to receive one of the most holiest sacraments.

When you go to mass now, are you excited to receive communion?

Sean and Sophia: Yes, because in the beginning we used to not receive the Eucharist but know we are able to experience it all with everybody else 3rd grade and up.

On the day of your first communion, did you feel nervous or feel any other emotions?

Sean and Sophia: No, because we were nervous while preparing and when the time came we didn’t feel as many emotions.


Throughout the preparation of their first communion, the second graders put a meter outside their homeroom that showed if they were ready for their first communion. The steps were….

  1. We can do the Sign of the Cross
  2. We can say the Our Father
  3. We can say the Hail Mary
  4. We go to church
  5. We know that the eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ
  6. We can name all the seven sacraments
  7. We know that Jesus sacrificed his life for us

As you can see the second graders were very excited and grateful on receiving an important sacrament in our catholic faith.