How to Catch a Leprechaun


Catching a Leprechaun is not a fun little hobby. It is a very complicated art. Some people consider it a sport… WRONG!!! If you’re running than obviously you’re not doing it right, making you an amateur. You know what, instead of me giving you a huge lecture just let me teach you how to trap one of these little green friends.


FIG. 1. THE STICKY TRAP. Lure a Leprechaun with some lucky charms to to a glue filled cardboard box. Make sure it is green GALORE! When they go into the box they get stuck. Creep up and snap a photo.


FIG. 2. THE NET. This trap is much harder to make. Have a Leprechaun in your household then create a pressure point system and PRESTO!


FIG.3. THE BOX HOUSE OF DEATH! Make a hypnotizing fun house that is designed to scare him. Let your creativity free!