On the day of Bump Up, I became a shapeshifter. I just didn’t know it yet.  

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I am 6th grader, going into 7th grade. I live with parents and my annoying little brother, Ryan. On the last day of school, Bump Up Day, I took my brother to his new 3rd grade classroom. I then said goodbye to my friends, except for my best friend, Maia. We were having a sleepover. We dropped off our stuff at my house and went outside to play hide-and-go-seek.


Maia, Ryan, and I were hiding together by the stream on the side of my house. We were about to be found and started running. All of a sudden, I spied a bright, glowing blue object in the stream. I leaned down to grab it quickly, and fell right into the stream! I was surrounded by blue, and bubbles floated around me. I saw a giant fish that looked like it was talking to me. Then I passed out.


Once I woke up, I found myself in Urgent Care. I asked the nurse why I was there. The nurse said, “You tripped and fell. We just wanted to see if you were alright, but we didn’t see any scratches, or broken bones, or anything.” It was all very peculiar. As soon as I got home from Urgent Care, I asked my friend Maia what had happened. Maia said, “I actually don’t really know. I saw you fall, but I was running so I didn’t see you anymore.”


Later, I asked my brother what he saw. Ryan said, “Well you fell in, you grabbed something, and then disappeared.” I was not sure if he was telling the truth, but I kind of believed him. I then went to my room exhausted. I had a bunch of stuffed animals on my bed and I picked up a stuffed Teddy Bear when I felt a sharp jab in my pants pocket. It was that shiny blue thing I saw when I fell. Little did I know it was going to be an interesting summer.


*Stay tuned for more of my summer adventures!*