The Story of Holly and Leo on St. Patricks Day

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Holly and Leo are brother and sister. Holly is still young, she is 6 and Leo is 13. Twas the night before St. Patrick’s Day and Holly was building a trap out of her building blocks to try and catch the Leprechauns. Leo came walking in and said, “You’re so dumb, you believe in Leprechauns!” Holly was sad and she broke down her trap and put it away and went to bed and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, she heard a little laughter and people talking in very loud voices in her living room. When she went to explore she saw little green men with long red hair and mugs jumping from the furniture with a rainbow contrail streaking behind them when they jumped. One of the little men jumped near Holly and said in a Irish accent, “Why did you listen to your brother? Everyone knows we’re real, bet you can’t catch me!” Holly tried to catch some of the leprechauns. She unfortunately failed, but she sprinted to her brother’s room and yelled, “Leo! Leo! Come out to the living room!” Leo was very tired but trudged out to the living room and in amazement saw the leprechauns. He then started to believe. Leo questioned, “Am I dreaming?” Then a Leprechaun jumped near him and said, “No you’re not you big silly, we were real the whole time, now why don’t you be a little kid again and believe.” Leo agreed and started chasing the leprechaun, and for once, Leo and Holly had fun together.


The End


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