2018 NFL Draft


The 2018 NFL Draft started on Thursday, April 26th with the first round on Thursday and the 2nd and 3rd on Friday. The draft finished up with the final three rounds on Saturday. There are 7 rounds in total and 32 picks in each round. The Cleveland Browns had the first pick in this year’s draft and they have only one win in the last two seasons and just had a winless season in 2017. With the first pick, they selected Baker Mayfield a quarterback for Oklahoma University this pick came as a surprise to many people. With the second pick in the draft, the New York Giants selected Saquon Barkley a running back from Penn State. He was considered to be the best prospect in the draft. Sam Darnold from USC was taken with the third pick to the New York Jets. Two other quarterbacks were also picked in the top ten Josh Allen from Wyoming and Josh Rosen from UCLA. After the draft, the players all go to their organizations and get ready for preseason that begins in late August.

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