Why News Stations Should Report More Positive News

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Why News Stations Should Report More Positive News

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There are two sides of life: positive, and negative. Who do news stations always talk about the negative?

Do you get tired from watching the same old, sad news? Me too. Although, if news stations included more positive news than negative, I would be fine watching the news. Yes, serious issues do need to be talked about, but what if there was a time news talked about serious and sad news at a certain time each day?

So many kids have watched the news, and some of the reports aren’t appropriate for kids. Now, if kids watched more of the positive news, they might see a happier outlook on life, not the life news stations portray.

If you want to start watching the more positive news, switch up the news stations you usually watch, and try to watch a different news station such as Good News Network, read www.positive.news, or look up global positive news to see what you might find.

The choice is yours: only sad news that gives you a sad outlook on life, positive news which gives hope in humanity, or a mix of positive and negative news (also known as reality).





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