Crystal Cove Beach


I went to Crystal Cove over the summer and it was really fun and cool. There are tide pools, restaurants, weaker waves for younger body surfers or boogie boarders, and cool places you can walk around in. There are some really big rocks that you can walk on and under them, there are crabs and these things that if you put your finger in they’ll suction around your finger. The waves are smaller so that there’s a really small chance that you’ll slip and fall. Next, there’s a really good restaurant there called The Beachcomber. You can either sit outside or inside. Sometimes an employee will see a dolphin and he or she will ring a bell and say that there is a dolphin out in the ocean that is visible. The menu changes when you’re dining. Basically, if you’re there around lunchtime you’ll get the lunch menu and if you’re there around dinner time, you’ll get the dinner menu. They have really big burgers that I can never finish, and they have some really good fish tacos and other seafood dishes. Since the waves are smaller and weaker its good for younger kids to train so that they can get to the bigger waves at other beaches. There are some places where you can take a walk on the beach. You can just walk the shore or there’s this hiking trail that I have never done but I’ve seen people do. I’d recommend this beach to families because of the tide pools that you can explore, the excellent restaurant there, smaller waves so that your child doesn’t get pummeled by one and then want to go home, and finally because of the cool walks.