Out and About: Barcelona


This summer my family and I took a trip to Barcelona for three days. Barcelona is a country in Spain that most people know for the church Sagrada Família. When we were there we visited the church Sagrada Família, the Sagrada Família church is a church that has taken over 1000 years to build and is still not finished. The church was designed by Antoni Gaudi. While we were in  Barcelona we visited many places and ate at a lot of different restaurants. Here are a few places we visited while we were there: the Football Club Barcelona stadium, the flamenco dance show, la Sagrada Família, and the gothic quarter. In Barcelona, they had great restaurants to eat at my favorite while we were there were 9 Nine, Casa Ràfols, and Cervesería Catalana. My favorite food from 9 Nine was the steak I had I liked it because it was cooked perfectly, they would cook all the meat the same and then they would give you a hot slab that you could cook the meat on if you wanted it more well done. My favorite food from Casa Rafols was the truffle risotto, before that night I had never had truffle and I loved it. At Cervesería Catalana it was like nothing I had ever had before all the food was so unique. When we were there everyone ordered tapas, which are small portions so you can try a lot of different items. While staying in Barcelona we stayed at El Avenida Palace it was a very nice hotel in the middle of the city near a lot of shops because we were in the middle of the city, we walked a lot of places while there. Barcelona was such a fun experience and I loved it so much and I can’t wait to go back.