Meet Keanna Lazaro!


Keanna Lazaro is a 20-year-old girl who helps Mrs. Yanish in the 4th grade. She has three brothers: Skylar, Hommzeus, and  Lewor.

Growing up, she went to Saint Philips and her favorite subjects were Math and P.E. This amazing girl became a teacher because she loves working with kids. Keanna is also in school to become a nurse. She always looks forward to talking with the kids because they always have something silly to say.

Not only does she like teaching, she also has a passion for basketball ( which she started in the 5th grade) and traveling. She said, “My favorite place to visit was San Francisco during Halloween, because I got to see the craziest things and people wear the funniest costumes.” Her role model is her mom (most people know her as Ms. Jenny), who helps out in 3B.  One thing, travel-related, on her bucket list is a desire to travel around the world visiting other countries and learning different languages. Lazaro also wants to visit Australia at some point.

One fun fact about her is that her favorite restaurant is the Boiling Crab (because her favorite food is seafood, especially shrimp). She highly recommends this amazing restaurant! 

In addition, her favorite colors are black, green, and purple.

Lazaro is a proud graduate of La Salle for high school.

Keanna is very nice and incredibly caring, and will readily assist students whenever necessary. Lazaro is adored by all the kids; they all love playing with her during their recess and lunch, whether it’s playing football or 4 square.  Keanna is always up to play!

We are so proud to have the wonderful Keanna Lazaro as part of our St. Philip the Apostle School family!