March Madness of Books

March Madness of the Library: An Interview with Ms. Natalie

The St. Philip library March Madness is going on right now. I interviewed Ms. Natalie, head librarian and creator of the library’s March Madness, about the details.

Falcon’s Flyer: What is the original March Madness?

Ms. Natalie: March Madness comes from college basketball playoffs.

FF: What is the St. Philip March Madness?

NR: The St. Philip March Madness is putting all the most popular books from the St. Philip library and choosing the most popular.

FF: Which book do you think will win?

NR: It’s a huge variety of books from books geared more towards second and third graders to books for jr. high students. It really depends on who votes.

FF: What are some nominated books?

NR: I chose eight genres: dystopian, science fiction and science fiction, which are going against each other, graphic novel, realistic fiction, humour, adventure, historical fiction, and animal. I took the two most circulated books from each genre. Together they are the ¨Sweet Sixteen.¨

FF: Who can vote?

NR: Anyone! After the Sweet Sixteen, eight books are eliminated. The remaining 8 are the ¨Elite Eight!¨ They will be posted every monday outside the library bulletin board and on

FF: Which is your personal favorite of all the books?

NR: Well, I haven’t read them all, so its hard to pick a favorite.

FF: What is your favorite of the ones you have read?

NR: I would have to say Pie in the Sky.

FF: Anything you like to add?

NR: If you haven’t read any of these books, you should because they’re all really good. And remember to vote each week on!