How the Incoming 8th Graders Feel About Highschool Entrance Exams?

Now that the 8th graders are graduating it means the 7th graders get to start preparing for high school entrance exams. I interviewed them to see what they think about the upcoming exams. I asked them if they were nervous about it, if they think it going to be difficult, and if they think they will be prepared for it when the time comes. The people I interviewed were Rory Rago and Aaron Pereira in 7B. Question one I asked, “Are you nervous for the entrance exams?” Rory said, “No, because I am taking many classes.” Aaron said, “No, because I am going to have a good tutor for it”. Question two I asked, “Do you think the exams will be difficult?” Rory said, “No, it will be easy because I have taken many practice tests.” Aaron said, “Yes, because you don’t get to use your calculator on the test.” For the last question, I asked, “Do you think you will be prepared for the test when the time comes?” Rory said, “Yes because my mom will test me and make sure I am prepared” and Aaron said, “Yes because the tutor would be very good and he would teach me well”. Overall, they both seem pretty prepared and ready for the high school entrance exams.