Seventh Grade Nature vs. Nurture Debate


After the conclusion of the 7th grade genetics chapter, the students had a debate about whether nature or nurture affects personality traits more. Nurture refers to the environment a person is exposed to, while the nature side argues that genetics alone determine personality traits. The students were split up into groups of three or four, and had to prepare speeches in groups for both sides, nature and nurture. The three parts of the debate were opening statement, crossfire, and closing statement. Each opening and closing statement is approximately 1-2 minutes long while the crossfire is a back and forth discussion between the two groups which can take as long as 4 minutes. The two groups ask and answer questions of the opposing side of the argument trying to use as many facts and resources as possible to increase the possibility of shutting the opponent down. All students bring notes, physical resources, and anything else that can help them answer the questions given by their opponents and, and ask questions of their own to point out the other side’s flaws. The Nature vs. Nurture debate was a great experience that taught the students genetics in a different way.