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Adopting from a shelter can be a very good idea.  If you adopt at a shelter, you can get a new best friend and you also help save an animal. When you adopt at the Pasadena Humane Society you will also receive a free follow-up check up at a veterinarian that is a part of the Pasadena Humane Society, a microchip, and a spay or neuter surgery.  All proceeds go back to the Pasadena Humane Society.

Bunny Facts:

  • Rabbits teeth are constantly growing so they need to wear down their teeth by chewing on things such as timothy hay, special sticks, chew toys, or anything rabbit friendly.
  • Rabbits only live about 6-10 years (but some have made it to their teen years).
  • They can be litter trained.
  • All rabbits have different personality’s. Some are outgoing and friendly, while others can be more shy and tentative.
  • Rabbits are herbivores.
  • There can be different breeds of rabbits (ex. shorthaired rabbit, longhaired rabbit, lop-eared rabbit)
  • Rabbits are nocturnal but are the most active at dawn and dusk.

Meet Panunnamed

Animal: Rabbit

Description: A Male (not spayed), White Shorthaired Rabbit With Blue Eyes

Age: Around 2 Years and 8 Months

ID #: A382356

Where Is He: Pan is currently at the Pasadena Humane Society

How Long Has He Been At The Shelter: Around 2 Months (since July 18, 2015)

Personality: Friendly and Curious

Favorite Food: Timothy Hay

Adoption Fee: $15

Shelter: Pasadena Humane Society


If You Are Interested In This Animal Please Contact The Pasadena Humane Society Or Look On Their Website (


Phone Number: (626)-792-7151

Address: 361 S. Raymond Ave.


*Adopting a pet is a serious decision that should be discussed with the whole family.*