Reader’s Corner K-2: Finding Winnie

Finding Winning is a Caldecott award winning story. It tells of the true story of a real bear named Winnipeg and her adventures with an English soldier, Harry, of the Second Canadian Infantry Brigade. Winnipeg is named after the soldier’s hometown, and she quickly became loved by Harry’s fellow soldiers. As she grew older and bigger, Winnipeg had to live in the London Zoo instead of constantly traveling and living in tents. There, she was loved and played with by Christopher Robin Milne, who would personally pet and play with Winnipeg inside her cage. Christopher Robin named his own stuffed bear after Winnipeg, and his father, Alan Alexander Milne, wrote books all about them, thus inspiring the true story of Winnie-the-Pooh.

The story is the written by the great granddaughter of the English soldier, Lindsay Mattick. She is telling the story to her son in the story, Cole. Their conversation is shown in italics, while the story is shown in regular print.

The book has amazing painted graphics, and it is told in a way sure to touch your heart. In fact, Ms. Malissa has already read this book to most of the lower grade classes, but you can find this book in the Primary Learning Center – it is popular as well as new!