Teacher of the Month: Ms. Muff

The Teacher of the Month for September is Ms. Muff. If you don’t know Ms. Muff, she is the lady with the red, fabulous hair and works in the office! She has been working at St. Philip for 20 years. All of her life she has been living in Pasadena and her first job was working at ABVM or Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ms. Muff has a twin brother and an older brother and they got along very well. When she got older she went to this college called Ramona. Her favorite thing at the school is the well behaved students. I interviewed a few people that had good memories with her. Jessie Morales said that she remembers when her mom forgot to pack her lunch and Ms. Muff gave her 50 cents to go buy milk until her mom gets her at the end of the day. Miss Malissa remembers how Ms. Muff loves the shredder machine because she loves to entertain the kids when they walk by. Mrs. Trisha loves how she wears her leprechaun shoes every St. Patrick’s day. My favorite memory that I have heard was when Mrs. Andric gave Mrs. Muff her old doll to sew new clothes. The clothes she made for the doll was the school uniform with the skort, shirt, and even the plaid jumper. Mrs. Muff loves to sew and she is also very good at it. She said her future plans is to work at St. Philip the Apostle School for many more years.