NBA Preseason


The NBA season started on October 17th with many big games like the Celtics playing against the Cavs and the Warriors playing against the Rockets. Going into the offseason with the Warriors having won their second NBA title in three years and were very dominant in the regular season many teams knew that they needed to make some moves to be in a position to contend with the Warriors. In the Eastern Conference the top two teams the Celtics and Cavaliers made a big deal; the Celtics traded point guard Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and couple of draft picks to the Cavs and in return received Kyrie Irving and signed all-star Gordon Hayward as a free agent. In the Western Conference The Rockets, Thunder, and the Timberwolves all got many players to try to beat the Warriors. The Rockets trade for Chris Paul and the Timberwolves traded for Jimmy Butler. The Thunder made many big moves trading for Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. All of these moves makes it very possible for any team to make a run for the NBA title.