2nd College Football Playoff Rankings


This year’s second College Football Playoff Rankings were released on Tuesday November 14th with many changes in the rankings. During Week 11 of the College Football season the number 1 and 3 teams lost. The number 1 team which was Georgia got blown out by Auburn who was number 10 at the time 40 -17. That loss resulted in them falling six places in the rankings allowing Alabama to get back up to number 1 in the country. Number 3 team in the country who was Notre Dame also got blown out by Miami who was number seven at the time 41-8. That loss dropped them to number 8 in the latest College Football Rankings. Now the current top four teams are Alabama at 1, Clemson at 2, Miami at 3, and finally Oklahoma at 4. This is only the second College Football Rankings of the season the next rankings come out next Tuesday.