Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is a holiday celebrated in China. The celebration is to celebrate the New Year and also to look forward to the spring. The celebration also is supposed to be good luck into the new year. Chinese New Year started way back when people used to worship the Earth and Heaven. Many traditions have been added since the beginning of Chinese New Year. There are four main things that happen during Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year revolves around luck for the new year. Red is very important in Chinese New Year. Red is said to be a lucky color. This is why most of the decorations are red. During Chinese New Year, family time is very important. Families are supposed to be together the whole time. New Years dinner is the most important meal of the whole year. Fireworks are set off at the beginning of the New Year. Gifts are one of the most important celebrations. Gifts are given to family and friends. Money is the most common gift. The money is placed in a red envelope. Chinese New Year revolves around superstitions. There are unlucky and lucky do’s and don’ts Chinese New Year. Each new year has an astrology animal. The 2019 symbol is a pig. Chinese New Year is January 28- February 19th. Have a great 2019 falcons!