Colin Gibbs and Joe Krasnowski – Peacebuilder of the Week


For this week, we have two peacebuilders who were very helpful. The two peacebuilders are Colin Gibbs and Joe Krasnowski. They are both in 7B and love to play sports. Colin Gibbs helped a student pick up their things when it dropped. Mrs. Roldan is the teacher that saw the act of kindness and wrote him a Peacebuilder award. Joe Krasnowski found a lost tooth in the playground for Mary, a girl in third grade, that asked Joe to find it for her. The teacher that gave this peacebuilder award was Mrs. Perez. These wonderful boys have showed us what a peacebuilder is and continue to follow our Peacebuilders Pledge. Don’t forget to read next week’s article to see who is the next peacebuilder or peacebuilders of the week!