Fun Ways to Exercise During the Holidays


The holiday season is a time where you can eat a lot of food and make an excuse for it. I love food and that’s why I like to find fun ways to exercise so that I can stay healthy during the holidays.  All of this food can result in an unhealthy way, so I like to find fun ways to exercise. I know finding time to exercise or actually finding the encouragement to actually do it can be hard but not all exercises have to be tiring and rigorous. I looked up a few different ways you can exercise in a fun and productive way for the holidays and this is what I found.

  1. Aerial Fitness: this is a super fun class that I actually have participated in before. This class is very interesting because their is a silk cloth attached to the ceiling and then you hang from that while doing different exercises with an instructor of course that helps and guides you through it. This for sure is a good workout but definitely super fun as well. I went to AIR LA in West LA and had a great time.
  2. Spinning: Spinning is a super awesome way to get a great workout in especially if you love riding bikes.This workout is like a bike but you stay in place.  I myself have taken a few classes and loved it, this is definitely my favorite way to get a great workout in because not only is it super fun but it is also super inspiring. There is loud music and other people around you cheering you on and encouraging you to go faster. My favorite place to go is Soulcycle because the ambiance is great and the people are very encouraging.
  3. Capoeira: This is definitely not something I have heard of before but it sounds really awesome and something that me and my friends would enjoy doing. Capoeira is a Brazilian workout that combines martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music. This is even something you could do at home if you don’t like working out in a group setting. There are tutorials on youtube that teach you how to do it but if you would like to go to a class there is one in LA called Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles. Here’s a youtube video that may help: OAEc
  4. Kickboxing: If you’re someone like me and can maybe be a little tense sometimes, this might be the workout for you. Kickboxing is exactly what it sounds like which is boxing combined with kicking. Kickboxing is everywhere now and it seems like everyone loves it. This definitely seems like an intense workout but is great if you really need to get some exercise. There are even youtube videos on how to do some of them, and there is no equipment needed. Here’s a video that may help:

These are all the amazing ways to workout that I would love to find time to do during this holiday season to stay active in a fun way. I always love trying something new and I encourage everyone to do that too because even though you might think you will hate something you might end up loving it. Some of these workouts have inspired me to be more active, more healthy and overall have a healthier lifestyle and I think you everyone will find one that they enjoy as well.