MLB Postseason


The MLB postseason began on tuesday October 3 with the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins playing in the American League wild card game. The Twins scored 3 runs in the first inning but the Yankees came back with 3 big home runs leading to a 8-4 victory. On Wednesday October 4th the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies played in the National League wild card game. The Diamondbacks lead the Rookies 6-0 early, but after the Rookies scored 5 runs making it a one run game the Diamondbacks score a couple more runs and ended up winning 11-8. In the Divisional series there are 4 series that were played the Red Sox vs. Astros, Yankees vs. Indians, Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks, and the Nationals vs. Cubs. The divisional series is a best out of 5 In the American League the Astros beat the Red Sox in 4 games. The Yankees and Indians series was won by the Yankees in 5 games. In the National League the Dodgers swept the Diamondbacks and the Nationals and Cubs played five games and the Cubs won. The playoff have been very exciting so far with 6 teams already being eliminated in very exciting and close games leaving only 4 teams still competing for the World Series.