Breast Milk – Unlocking the Mystery of Cancer


Cancer, one of humanity’s’ greatest adversaries, has been fought against again and again. And although many doctors, families, individuals have tried in vain to find a cure, a glimmer of hope has shown in our present day. Scientists in Sweden at Lund University have found a way to destroy bad cells more naturally, with breast milk! The compound protein called alpha-lactalbumin in breast milk is a “good source” of “antimicrobial agents” which destroys cells that have a cancerous tumor (“HAMLET, a new concept for cancer therapy”). Although this discovery is certainly not a definitive cure, it is certainly a key element to expanding our knowledge on how to attack the fatal tumors.

This milk compound actually works to eliminate bowel cancer and cervical cancer in patients. Bowel cancer is mainly found in patients over the age of 50 years old, and results in abdominal pain and bowel habits. Since studies have proved that obesity leads to bowel cancer in many patients, bowel cancer has been a larger point of concern for American citizens. Cervical cancer is a cancer found in the uterus and more common for women over the age of 30. Currently, the only treatment for cervical cancer is radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It’s interesting now to see a more natural alternative offered to cure this kind of cancer; the discovery itself has been groundbreaking and much more safer in treating cervical cancer. Because the milk is all human-produced, healthy cells are not killed, but actually strengthened. Since the discovery is in its early stage, further tests need to be run by collecting more samples of variating breast milk. The scientists have dubbed the project “HAMLET” to stand for “Human -lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells” (“HAMLET, a new concept for cancer therapy”), and they are toiling to find more clues to success.