Spider-Man PlayStation 4


The video game Spider-Man came out not too long ago and people are loving it, and of course, with every new big video game that comes out, Sony needs to make an exclusive PlayStation 4 pro with a decal on it that has to deal with the game. Well, Sony did do that and the PlayStation 4 pro looks incredible. The console comes out with the Spider-Man logo on the front with red around it. It comes with a DualShock 4 wireless controller that is also red and when you sign on the Playstation when you scroll along the menu, there are Spider-Man web noises. The bundle is $400 though so it is very expensive. Now about the game. The game got great reviews and is also one of the biggest games this year. There are great movement and combos that you can earn and buy. You get to fight enemies such as Kingpin or Fisk. The game is only story mode so there is no multiplayer part that most games have and most players want, but players say that the story mode is very fun itself. I hope whoever reads this article gets the bundle and starts web-slinging through Manhattan!