How 8th Grade Feels About Going Into High School


This week the class of 2019 will be graduating. After spending 9 years here in St. Philip, they are going to move on to high school. They worked very hard to get into all of their high schools. I decided to interview 2 eighth graders about their thoughts of graduating St. Philip. Violette Puccia says that “Graduating 8th grade it is going to be sad because I will miss all of my friends. The thing that I am happy about is that St. Philip is a good experience and has helped me have a chance to go to my dream high school”. Anwen Wise said, “I will miss seeing my friends every day. I have liked that St. Philip has given me all of the skills that I need for high school”. It is quite clear that the eighth grades will miss St. Philip but are ready for a change. Good luck next year class of 2019!