St. Philip Novice Speech Team


St. Philip is excited to announce that they will have a novice speech team. The novice speech team will include grades fourth and fifth. Their first tournament will be on January 29 at La Salle High School. This tournament will be for 4th-8th grade. The 2019 novice team will be the very first to compete for St. Philip. I interviewed four fourth graders on the novice speech team. I interviewed Madeline Smith who is doing storytelling. She said already knew that she wanted to do the book Peanut Butter Cupcake when she got the news that there was going to be a novice speech team. The next fourth graders I interviewed are Gilbert Islas and Aidan Valenzuela. These are doing duo interpretation. They are excited to perform their piece and have been practicing multiple times a week. They also feel confident with the tournament. The next pair competing in the tournament is Liliana Kennedy and Emily Gonzales. They will be doing duo interpretation. They are excited and a little bit nervous for the tournament. The last, but not least, is Francesca Nieves. She will be doing poetry. She says she is very excited and confident with her piece. This novice speech team has been practicing very hard for this tournament. Good luck Falcons!