Speech and Debate: Impromptu Interviews

Hello Falcons!


A newer category for our team is Impromptu. According to Abby, one of the people who competed in Impromptu, “In Impromptu they give you a topic and you have 7 minutes to write and perform a speech. The speech is usually informal and is more of a conversation.” Before the competition I got the opportunity to interview the Impromptu participants.

Claire Sather is in 7th grade and has previously competed in Duo Interpretation twice and has won 1st place once. She says that her favorite part of Speech and Debate is “hanging out with teammates and performing” and “I like the performance part of it, but the actual event is very much intellectual.” When asked how she felt about competing virtually before the competition she said, “Competing virtual won’t be quite the same, but it’s still a challenge and still a lot of fun!”

Abby Pranata is in 8th grade and is also competing in impromptu. Abby has previously competed in two competitions hosted by St. Philip and one other competition hosted by La Salle College Preparatory. Abby says that she isn’t sure what she likes about Speech and Debate; she just likes it. Prior to the competition, when asked how she felt about competing virtually she said, “It’s kind of odd because usually in person and there is usually snacks and other food. I think it’s going to be annoying if i have to keep switching wifi networks.”

Gavin Johnson is also in 8th grade and has previously competed in two competitions, one in poetry and the other in impromptu. He says his favorite part of competing in Speech and Debate is “Participating in the events” and when asked why he likes it he said “I like being able to speak in front of people and use creative writing and speech.” Prior to the competition, when asked what it was like preparing and competing virtually he said, “ It feels weird competing virtually, though I think it will be mostly the same.”


These falcons did very well and had a lot of fun!