Straws In the Ocean


Plastic has been found on beaches and in oceans a lot more these years. There has been an increase in plastic being dumped into oceans and floating the ocean. Americans use approximately 500 million straws each day. Straws are the seventh most common piece of trash found on beaches. If we don’t make a change about these straws, in 2050 there will be more plastic in oceans than fish. Plastic kills wildlife in the ocean. Plastic straws sometimes go into turtle’s noses which causes the turtles to die. Places in the world are trying hard to help out the world. Some states in the US like California, are making laws to help out the ocean. Restaurants are now not allowed to hand out straws unless they are asked. Some states are trying an outright ban on straws. There are brands like Final Straw which make reusable, portable, metal straws which will help out the Earth. If we all contribute to help out the Earth we may be able to retrieve the Earth that we first started with.