Spelljammer: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure


“Spelljammer, A D&D Adventure” is a whole new setting for D&D players.

Enthusiasts can now journey through time and space with their party.

“Spelljammer” introduces many new settings, races, and monsters for adventure-seeking players. Some new races include the Hadozee and the Autognomes. The Hadozee are monkey-type creatures that are known for their mischievous nature, and the Autognomes are robot-magic-gnomes created by dwarves to guard their halls of gold.

Some monsters include the Eldritch Litch and the Nightmare Beast. The Eldritch Lich uses Eldritch magic to keep itself alive and powerful, while the Nightmare Beast makes people see their worst nightmares, and then eats them!”

Overall, this is a very original and creative storyline that many fantasy lovers will find interesting and enjoyable.