K-2 Reading Corner

These three books are great reads for beginners: Biscuit Wins A Prize, Frog and Toad Series, and the Amelia Bedelia books. They are simple and fun for kids who want to have a laugh and further advance into their reading expedition.


Biscuit Wins A Prize are for very early readers who are starting their journey into the world of books. It is written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Biscuit, a lovable yellow puppy, has to look his best for the pet show. He is so excited that he can’t sit still, even for the judge! But his friendliness and big heart helps him win a big prize. It is labeled as “My First I Can Read Book.”


The Frog and Toad Series by Andrew Lobel is about a frog and a toad who are friends. They enjoy adventures together and spend time together. The stories are double-spaced for easier reading but they are recommended for a bit more experienced readers. It is labeled as an “I CAN READ” book. The book also received a Caldecott Honor.

The Amelia Bedelia books were my personal favorite as a child. It is written by Peggy Parish and has many bright and colorful illustrations. The simple books are about a quirky maid who mistakes her employer’s instructions humorously, but always wins them over with her delicious baked goods in the end. The books have recently reached their 50th Anniversary. It is labeled an “I Can Read Book” Level 2.