Fun Summer Crafts


If you are looking for something to do over the summer, crafts are the way to go. Here are two fun crafts you can do over the summer.

Craft #1: Slime.

To make slime, you are going to need: white glue, shaving cream, contact solution, and any decorations you would like to add to your slime such as food coloring, glitter, etc. Mix your glue and your shaving cream in a small bowl until the mixture is fully combined. Next, add some contact solution. You are going to add a little bit of contact solution at a time because if you add too much, the slime will become very stiff and unable to use. Keep adding contact solution until the slime reaches your desired consistency. Next add your decorations. You can add anything you would like. I normally add glitter and food coloring, but you can add anything you like to make your slime more fun and bright.

Craft #2: Tie dye t-shirts.

To create a tye dye t-shirt, you are going to need a plain t-shirt (any color is fine), dye (in any colors you like), rubber bands, and a clean surface (preferably outside because tie dye can stain). To make your tie dye, your first need to create the dye. To create the dye, follow the instructions from your kit to create the water-like substance. If you want your colors to be lighter, add less dye and more water, and if you want the colors to be darker, add more dye and less water. Next, roll your shirt to a design of your liking (such as the spiral design, crumpled design, tulip design, etc.), and tie it off with rubber bands. Remember that wherever you place your bands, that is going to be the division between colors on your tie dye. After you roll your t-shirt, add your dye to the different sections of the design. When you have your shirt covered with dye, leave it to dry for a couple hours. After the shirt has dried, put it in the washer and dryer to get rid of any extra dye that can stain. And then, you have created the perfect tie dye! In this article you learned two fun crafts to try over the summer.