This week for crafty corner I will show you how to make anklets and bracelets!


-4 pieces of colored string

-A piece of duct tape

-A pair of scissors


1. First cut four pieces of different colored string and tie them all together

  1. Then get a piece of duct tape and put it on a table
  2. Grab the color of sting you want to use first and put it to the side
  3. Then with your left hand grab the three strings altogether
  4. Now grab the piece of string you put to the side and wrap the string around half of your thumb

6. Then wrap the colored string around the three other strings

7. Now pull the string up to tie a knot and keep on repeating the process of tying the knot

8 When you want to use a different color use the same process of tying knots

  1. Continue tying knots until long enough to wrap around your wrist or ankle
  2. When long enough tie around wrist or ankle


You can make these for your friends, family, or yourself! Making anklets/bracelets is very fun and whoever you give them to will love them!