DIY Desk Organizer

Sometimes we have a lot of homework to do and our desk or table gets messy. Times like those are stressful because I always lose my pens and pencils because my desk is super messy. If you have the same problems I have the solution for you. This week we are making pen and pencil organizers using only duct tape. These organizers are easy and simple to make at home. The supplies you will need is duct tape and scissors. First overlap three pieces of duct tape sticky side up to create a big duct tape piece. Make a total of 2 of those. Then take the two big pieces and stick them together sticky side to sticky side. You should have one big duct tape piece with no sticky parts peeking out. After you are going to make the loops for the pens and pencils. You can make as many loops as you want in your organizer as long as it fits the amount of pens and pencils. To make the loops you take a 2 inch thin strip of the tape and fold it in half so that the sticky parts aren’t showing. Make an extra loop so we can close up the organizer. Then tape all of your loops except for one on to your duct tape sheet leaving a space for your pen. Now we are going to make the organizer close and open. Take the extra loop you made and tape it to the opposite side of your tape sheet on the edge. Then take a little strip of duct tape and fold it in half to make it like a little tab. Tape that on the other edge of the closing loop. Then you are done!