State of the Union


On January 30th 2018 President Donald Trump made his first State of the Union Address as president of the United States. In President Trump’s speech he thanked and honored the heroes from the natural disasters that have occured in the past year, he also went on to thank members of our military, and lastly he honored the families of two teenage girls who were brutally murdered by the vicious M-13 El Salvadorian gang that has taken over parts of New York. President Trump also recognized some of the major accomplishments that America has made in his first year of office. Under the Trump Administration more jobs have been created and African American and Hispanic employment rates are at the highest they have ever been and were previously at their lowest under the Obama administration. President Trump even made a compromise with the Democrats giving members of the DACA a pathway to citizenship. I believe that President Trump addressed all of the major issues that America faces and did so very well. My favorite part of President Trump’s speech was when he reaffirmed the importance of our flag and what it stands for and how important it is to always stand for the National Anthem. From this speech I will look forward to seeing if President Trump’s approval rating will rise.


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