6th Grade Touch Screen Chromebooks


I interviewed six 6th graders about their opinions on their touchscreen Chromebooks, the first grade to have touchscreen Chromebooks. The students I interviewed were Neci, Patrick, Sophia, Jackson, Lulu, and Alanna.

My questions were:

  1. What’s the best thing about your touchscreen Chromebooks?
  2. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like your Chromebook (1 being disliked, 5 being it’s okay, and 10 being I love it!)?
  3. Do you prefer touchscreen Chromebooks or regular click screen Chromebooks?
  4. Are the Chromebooks easy to use?
  5. Does getting touchscreen Chromebooks make a difference?

Lulu, Alanna, Jackson, and Patrick all agreed that the best thing about their Chromebooks was that they were the touch screen, and whenever they needed to use their cursor they instead could use their screen. However, Neci and Sophia both agreed the best thing about their Chromebooks is that they’re new, and Neci also stated that she liked how they were new. Everyone agreed that on a scale of one to ten that they loved their Chromebooks and circled a ten, except for Jackson. He circled 6,7, and 8 which can be inferred he thought his Chromebook was in between okay and loving it.

Everyone interviewed agreed that they preferred touchscreen Chromebooks and one even said that the Chromebooks were more reliable. Almost everyone stated the touchscreen Chromebooks were easy to use, but Jackson circled that the Chromebooks were easy and also not easy to use, which can be interpreted in different ways. Lastly, 4 people agreed that having touch screen Chromebooks do make a difference, while Lulu and Jackson both said that the touchscreen Chromebooks don’t make a difference. For the most part, everyone gave positive feedback.