Seventh Grade Field Trip to Mount Baldy



The seventh graders had a field to Mount Baldy last week. I thought it was pretty cool. We tested water to see if the water was safe for fish to swim in. Most of the chemicals in the water were safe, but some weren’t, we decided to stay safe and decided the location wasn’t safe for the fish to swim. Next, the rangers assigned us to make a map of the park and identify different plants. In my group it was Sean Rowe, Leo Sugiyama, Aaron Pereira, Matteo Sanavio, Jacob Cabato, Holly Hillman, and Alisa Balian. We found some of the plants. We found about 4 out of 14. Some groups found 13. After that we learned about some rocks and got to look at reptiles such as a desert tortoise and a snake. I thought the experience at Mount Baldy was really neat and I suggest that you go there and experience it for yourself or wait until your in seventh grade to experience it. Also, if you’re in seventh or eighth grade and are reading this, I hope you had the same of even better experience than I did. Thank you!