6th Grade Christian Service Project

6th Grade Christian Service Project

This week the 6th graders are doing their Christian Service Projects. 6A did their project during the fall, but this week 6B did their project on Tuesday, March 4.  The 6th graders learned how to create fictional narratives this year. So, the 6th grade Christian Service Project was to create a fictional narrative, bind the story together in Language Arts class and then present their stories to the elders at the retirement homes. The retirement home 6B are going to is The Fair Oaks Regency Assisted Living. I decided to ask a couple students from 6B their thoughts about their Christian Service project.


FF: Do you think that it was fun to read your stories to the seniors and what was your favorite part about it?


Lauren Fajardo: Sort of because they didn’t really hear what we were saying

Kris Smith: Yes because it was a nice thing to do


FF:Would you ever want to do it again?


Lauren Fajardo: Yes, I would do it again

Kris Smith: Yes, I would do it again


FF:What are some ways you can respect your elders?


Lauren: Listen to them and be kind to them

Kris Smith: Listen to them and answer their questions


The 6th graders were very enthusiastic about their Christian Service Project and seemed to love their the experience. They are looking forward to more Christian Service Projects in the future.