8th Grade Element Project


Every year, 8th grade does the Element Project. This year they have a choice of making a decorated tissue box, board game, a song/poem, or a model. Each student could choose any element they want. For example, some chose, gold, silver, neon, and more. If they chose to make a tissue box, the student will have to decorate the box using facts about their elements. They need to include…

  1. Name and symbol of one element.
  2. The atomic mass and the atomic number of the element.
  3. The number of protons, electrons, and neutrons.
  4. The uses or source of the element in the world.
  5. The history of the element: Who discovered it and when?
  6. Is it metal, nonmetal, or metalloid? Does it have a family name (alkali metal)? Include a description of its classification.  
  7. The electron configuration and electron dot diagram.

The student can also bring an object that contains their element. The next option they could do is a board game. The board game needs to be for two players or more and by playing the board game, the player should learn facts about the periodic table. Another option is to create an atom model of your element. The students included the same information as the tissue box but they have to create a model of an atom.  Lastly, students can create a poem/song about the periodic table. The song has to contain information that will teach the audience more about elements and the periodic table. 8th grade had fun with the Element project and most people said that this was their favorite project of Jr. High.