How 8th Graders Feel about High School Acceptance Letters


It is the time of year again for the eighth graders at St. Philip to find out where they will be spending the next four years of their life. Most of the eighth graders will be attending private high schools and must apply. Being accepted to the high schools is what scares the eighth graders the most. I decided to interview four eighth graders who applied to private high schools. Talia Ettinger said that waiting for the acceptance letters is very nerve-racking. She also said that these letters are important to eighth graders because it is the start to four more years of learning and growing and that is very important. Henry Gunn said that he is very anxious and nervous about his acceptance letters. Lauren Fajardo said that most of us are overthinking and getting a little too nervous about our admissions. She also said that at the end of the day we are all going to get into at least one of our options for high school. Although Lauren is still nervous just like the others. Carson Kidd said that the eighth graders should calm down because we will get into at least one of the high schools we want to go too. Carson is also nervous about being accepted into high school. As you can tell the eighth graders are nervous about high school letters. Letters will be received on March 1. Best of luck to all of the eighth graders!