The Choose Love Program


St. Philip has introduced a new program called the Choose Love Program. This program is aimed to help kids learn how to cope with their feelings and not letting their emotions get the best of them. Sometimes children can feel anger, fear and, sadness. This program is helping kids act courageously with their actions. The Choose Love program was founded by Scarlett Lewis. Her son, Jesse Lewis, was one of the victims of the Sandy Hooks school shooting. After her son died, she decided to start the Choose Love program. This program was introduced to the St. Philip, TK-8th grade, for the first time this year. Last Wednesday I interviewed a spokesperson from the Choose Love program. I asked the spokesperson why should children be taught how to cope with their emotions. She said that not just children but adults should be taught how to cope with their emotions because our emotions are like roller coasters sometimes they go up and down and this can cause stress. Everyone needs to learn how to handle these emotions in a positive way. The result of handling our emotions in a positive way can help us live longer and happier lives. The other question that I asked is if a program similar to Choose Love that teaches children how to cope with their emotions was part of the curriculum at every school what do you think will change in the world. She replied by saying the Choose Love program may make a big improvement in the world because it will show children that they can deal with their emotions and get help with whatever they are going through. The Choose Love program sounds like it will help all the students at St. Philip.