Junior High Science Fair


The science fair just started this week and everyone is finishing up their projects. The sixth graders had to make a project involving earthquakes, the seventh graders had to make a prosthetic leg, and the eighth graders had to make a car using a balloon to power it. I looked at some of the projects and they all look impressive and everyone worked hard on them. My partners were Mia Mayer and Maggie Murphy. We all worked very well together and got our prosthetic done very well. We already presented our project to the judges and they were nice about everyone’s project. Everyone in my grade thought they did well on their presentations because the judges were so nice but then people thought if they were being nice but they actually didn’t do as well as they thought. Well, that’s what I noticed on our science fair, it was fun to work with our friends to try and build a prosthetic. Thank you to Ms. France for planning the science fair out and to try and make it fun.