MLB Baseball Update


The National League Championship Series and the American League Championship series just ended and we now know who is going to the World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox. The NLCS took 7 games in the best out of 4 series for the Dodgers to win and 5 games in the ALCS for the Red Sox. The world series started Tuesday 10/23 and game 1-3 will be in Boston, games 4-5 will be in Los Angeles, and games 6-7 will be in Boston. If you want Boston to win, you’ll have a good chance because they’re the best team in baseball right now, but if you like underdogs then the Dodgers will be the best team to root for. I am very surprised that the Dodgers made it to the World Series because the start of their season was very rough, but they still made it. Boston will be in better condition because they’re American League Series went by faster than the Dodgers. Boston will have more practice and rest, but the Dodgers will still bring their best fight. We will see which team will come out as the victor this week or next week. I really hope the Dodgers win but Boston fans also hope that their team wins too, so we will see.