iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android

Which one is better, iPhone or Android?

My opinion is that the iPhone is better than android because it is easier to use and a faster phone. A lot of people that I know use an iPhone, but there is one person that uses an Android, MY DAD! He always says that Android is better because he can view the phone but as a computer. He can use an adapter to make it look like a Pc and can add monitors and kbm(keyboard and mouse). 

Some of the pros regarding the iPhone include: ease of use, its beautiful design, an excellent camera, the overall quality, top security, frequent software updates, excellent battery life, and Apple pay.Some cons are that Iphones are expensive, expensive accessories like airpods, and repairing your phone. 

Pros and cons on Android: Some pros are: you can sideload apps from outside the play store, lots of hardware innovations, expandable memory, 

After speaking with a friend, he agreed with my opinion that the iPhone is superior – at least in terms of speed and appearance. 

What do you think?