The Hot Take on Hot Lunch


Have you ever wondered what the favorite hot lunch is or how the hot lunch ladies prepare such delicious food?

Keep reading!

I recorded  50 students’ favorite hot lunches, and I interviewed Mrs. Conley, who helps to coordinate and order the hot lunch.

Prior to the preparation, student, faculty, and staff orders must be placed through the ordering system at

Some of the food is picked up from local stores, such as Restaurant Depot and Smart and Final, and some is delivered.

Working hard in the kitchen each day are Ms. Martha and Ms. Narcisa, also known as the amazing “hot lunch ladies”.

In addition to serving pizza on Fridays, the hot lunch ladies make about 1,300 meals each week.

Ms. Martha and Ms. Narcisa arrive at school at 8am, the same time as the students.

Once they get to school, the preparations for lunch begin.

The entire process takes a few hours.

So what are the favorites?

Among the students, the most popular lunches include pizza, tacos, and fried rice.

The pizza comes from Dominos, and 600 slices are served every Friday.

As with pizza, the tacos are wildly popular.

Why are they so good? Is it the hard shell, or the way the meat is cooked, or the tasty cheddar cheese?

Actually, based on the survey and interviews, it’s all of them!

The meat is ground beef, which is excellent.  The cheese is cheddar, which is delicious – the kind of cheddar that melts in one’s mouth with each bite. Lastly, the shell is perfect – crunchy and tasty. 

The fried rice is another campus-wide favorite, and it tastes great.  It is prepared with eggs, corn, carrots, and peas. 

Please thank Mrs. Conley, Ms. Martha, and Ms. Narcisa for all they do with ordering, preparing, cooking, and serving such incredibly delicious hot lunches!