Millions of Fish Found Dead in the Australian River


Why has this happened?

Recently, millions of dead fish were found in Australia.

Government officials said that low oxygen levels has led to this terrible incident.

As to why oxygen levels are low, the main reason is probably the recent receding floods and heat waves in the region.

However, many environmentalists blame the extraction of too much water and vital nutrients in the water for the killing of the fish.

This disaster, of course, has devastated local fishermen as well as marine biologists and others who study fish.


What effect will this have on the Australian economy?

In terms of the nation’s overall economy, there will most likely be minimal effect.

However, for the local economy in the immediate area of where the fish are located, the economic impact will definitely be felt.

If investigations reveal that some individual companies contributed to the catastrophe, those companies could face fines and other penalties.


For now, officials are just seeking answers and, hopefully, solutions that might be able to help with similar situations in the future.