The Class of 2023 Says Goodbye


The Class of 2023 will be graduating from 8th grade to high school on June 9. This will be a solemn yet optimistic event for all. St. Philip the Apostle school holds many sentimental memories for the 8th graders, especially those who arrived in Kindergarten and also those who joined the St. Philip community later on. Since the 8th graders are graduating and transferring into high school, we went around asking them their opinions on leaving St. Philip. 

Tessa: I have grown up here and spent 9 years of my life here. I will miss it but I’m excited to start my new journey at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy.

Nicollette: Saying goodbye is sad because we have been here for 9 years. But also it is time to say goodbye. I am very happy and excited to start high school and make new friends at Mayfield.

Christian: St. Philip gave me good experiences. I am sad to leave because of the friendships and experiences I have made.

Justinas: At the same time, I don’t know if I should feel excited or nervous for the upcoming stage of my education. I feel like it’s a bigger step into learning more things with a variety of subjects, but I will also miss the many friends that I made in this school. I will miss the many events that happened here, but I know that there will be a lot more coming for me in the future.

Maya: I am very excited for high school and graduation. I have been waiting for this since kindergarten, and I am so ready to begin a new experience at La Salle. However, it is bittersweet because I will be leaving all my friends and favorite teachers. Even though I came to St. Philip in 7th grade, all of the happy memories have left a great impression on me.

Thay: I am happy to be graduating and moving on to a new step in my life, but change is scary. I’m not ready to leave the memories and friendships behind here, but I know that life is just like that. I’m so glad to be moving on to high school at La Salle with some of my best friends.

Harper: I am sad, but ready to leave. I have spent the last 9 years at St. Philip and it will hurt to leave my teachers and friends behind, but I am ready for a new chapter in my life. 

Matteo: My views on leaving St. Philip are very mixed. I am EXTREMELY excited to leave the school but I’m EXTREMELY sad to leave my friends. I have had so many great friends and memories here that I am sad to leave but I’m excited to make new ones. I will definitely be sad.