TreePeople: An adventure with our Ecosystem

4th Grade Field Trip

Recently, the 4th grade went to visit the TreePeople for a field trip. The focus of the field trip was to teach the kids about the environment, and how different things can affect it. The field trip also strove to make the kids want to help their environment, and treat the earth in general with respect.

Of course, one of the main focuses of the TreePeople was to teach the kids about the earth, but more specifically, the trees! The kids were surrounded by all kinds of trees on this field trip; those old and young, those recently planted and those with well developed roots. There, the kids learned about trees, and what they did for the world. One of the ways they did this was through activities, such as a “chemical conversion toss”, in which the kids would toss a sock to each other. One side of the sock was green, to represent the trees, and the other side of the sock was blue, to represent oxygen. The kids, who were split into pairs, tossed the sock back and forth, moving farther from each other each time, and each time changing which side of the sock was showing. This was meant to teach the kids about trees as natural oxygen makers. The children also learned how to make helpful products from trees, such as mulch. Mulch is a compound to plant trees and other plants in, and in turn it also helps the plant grow. Finally, the kids were also able to plant their own tree to take home in a tube. These trees, with proper care, would grow to be big enough to be planted in a backyard.

Another part of the field trip was focused on water conservation education. The kids learned different ways they could conserve water, such as collecting rainwater to use instead of that from the pipe. They also learned the difference between natural rivers and those that have been man-made, such as the L.A. river’s

In all, the field trip aimed to teach the kids that to get things from the earth, they also had to give back. This is always a fun field trip, and something to look forward to for those in 4th grade. It’s also a fun, different sort of way to learn about the environment, as it is the children are involved in much of the learning. The different activities the kids perform while on the field trip are very enjoyable, and there are plenty of them to keep the trip entertaining.

To learn more about the TreePeople field trip, or the TreePeople in general, please visit the pasted link below: