The Thanksgiving Senior Luncheon


St. Philips 8th graders hosted the annual senior luncheon on November 17th after the 12 o’clock mass! Held in Holy Angel Hall right before Thanksgiving Day, the luncheon specially celebrates the senior citizens who have been devoted parishioners for years at St. Philip’s the Apostle Church. All grandparents, elderly, and senior citizens are welcome to come and have a good time.

Each year, the 8th graders run the event: setting up, serving food, greeting the senior citizens, entertainment and much more. The 8th graders had a blast getting to know the parishioners! Here are a few helpers’ opinions about the event:

Caroline Havens 8A

My job at the Senior Luncheon was a server. There I served the elders food and helped them if they needed or wanted help. My favorite part of the luncheon was watching the elderly people watch my peers during their performances. The devoted parishioners spend a lot of time with our parish and I acknowledge and respect them for doing that. I think the importance of the luncheon is to give back to the devoted parishioners for all their hard and well paid of loyalty to our parish.

Dominic Domenghini 8B

I got to introduce the acts who were performing in the show for the seniors. I think that entertainment is a big part of making the senior citizens happy. My favorite part of the luncheon was giving back to the community. I think it’s important for us to give back to the people who do so much for our school and continually stay devoted to our parish.

Peter Adduci 8A

My job at the Luncheon was to clean up. I put away chairs and tables and interacted with the parishioners as they were leaving. I think it is important for the senior citizens of our parish to gather in harmony with each other and to give thanks for all of the blessings we have.

Luke Sugiyama 8A

I served the food at the Thanksgiving Luncheon. The senior citizens asked for help and I offered to take people’s plates to the trash and lead them to their tables. I entertained the elderly and told them jokes. I enjoyed talking with the citizens.

Griffin Engstrom 8A

My job at the Senior Luncheon was to serve food. I attended to the citizens’ needs and served them a plentiful abundance of turkey, green beans, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, and pie. I especially liked doing community work because it taught me how to be especially thankful this Thanksgiving season.

The annual Luncheon is a vital part of the St. Philip tradition. It stresses the importance of each person in our parish, and how we are all one community in support of each other. Furthermore, the Senior Luncheon is a great reminder of living the Thanksgiving spirit and being appreciative of God’s gifts of life, love and food. Happy Thanksgiving from St. Philip the Apostle Parish and the St. Philip School Falcons!